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Foxtail FernGudseeds12-04-08  11:07 am
Sowing spore - temperature, light??Annika10-22-08  02:59 pm
Matteuccia struthiopterisFolklore08-27-08  08:39 pm
Davallia CanariensisFolklore12 08-27-08  11:13 am
Found this little chap in a wall!Treelover08-17-08  02:21 pm
New baby fern,hioping it does well!Treelover08-10-08  06:58 am
A few ferns in hanging basketsDirtlady07-14-08  06:54 pm
Growing Ferns..Gudseeds07-10-08  12:51 pm
Japanese PaintedDragonfly4007-01-08  01:11 am
I got an Ostrich in my garden!Treelover06-05-08  01:40 pm
Moving / transplanting ostrich fernsPlantindude13 05-23-08  01:34 pm
Autumn FernNojazz13 05-22-08  01:21 am
Austrailian Tree FernPinkdamsel05-04-08  04:57 pm
New to me this springGardenbug05-04-08  09:45 am
Australian Tree FernGarden_lady_on_the_l16 03-20-08  01:03 am
How to collect and propogage spores Maggiepie02-14-08  06:46 pm
My variegated "Boston" fernVilcat01-02-08  01:05 pm
I Got a New Fern!Treelover09-13-07  04:33 pm
PyrrosiaOosterholt09-10-07  06:24 pm
Dryopteris dilatata 'Crispa Whiteside' TradeRowan5708-31-07  12:46 pm
The Sago Palm....John5707-28-07  09:15 am
Kew Gardens FernsRowan5707-08-07  05:27 am
Japanese Painted fernSerenitybench13 07-02-07  01:34 pm
Some of my ferns (Pictures)Rowan5707-02-07  12:25 pm
More of my ferns... (Pictures)Rowan5707-02-07  12:20 pm
Photo's of my fern gardenBoomvaren10 06-27-07  10:36 am
My Fern ListRowan5706-05-07  07:19 am
Who has got these azolla's for meBoomvaren05-31-07  09:16 pm
Fiddlehead FernMimi11 05-13-07  06:54 am
We planted ferns.....John5705-11-07  04:26 pm
Instant Fern......John5705-11-07  01:13 pm
My Pteris not looking so good!Treelover05-11-07  12:36 pm
Fern-Fest............John5705-11-07  12:19 pm
That Dryopteris again!Treelover05-11-07  12:15 pm
Anyone speak German?Treelover05-11-07  12:12 pm
Improving new growthAmw02-17-07  04:25 pm
Ferns have been, without fail,......John5712-26-06  12:33 pm
Autumn fernGoswimmin11-27-06  08:01 pm
Ferns in greeceTony_willis11-18-06  03:44 pm
Up close with a Fern!Treelover10-11-06  10:26 pm
While hiking I saw this fern.Mother_nature08-30-06  01:00 pm
What hardy outdoor fernMother_nature08-22-06  02:29 pm
Staghorn FernGardenshowlady08-19-06  06:28 pm
Lil fernsSerenitybench08-14-06  12:28 am
New Directions.....Josephedward08-04-06  05:35 pm
Potted FernsMother_nature08-03-06  12:51 am
Comes up every yearScotkat07-28-06  12:36 pm
Tasmanian Tree fernWhis4ey07-27-06  06:14 pm
How I love them!Gardenbug15 07-08-06  02:44 am
A few more to shareGardenbug12 07-04-06  11:41 pm
Look, a new Fern!Treelover05-22-06  07:25 pm
Winter Evergreen fernGoswimmin02-18-06  10:08 pm
Maiden hair fernGoswimmin02-01-06  12:04 am
I bought a NephrolepisTreelover06-12-05  07:20 am
Some fernsTerryk06-04-05  03:20 pm
A fern,pottedTreelover06-04-05  03:18 pm
Fun to watchGardenbug06-04-05  10:26 am
Look what I spotted in the woods!Treelover05-23-05  03:34 pm
I got a painted fern!Treelover20 05-21-05  06:19 pm
Fern ResourcesBruce05-15-05  03:28 pm
Dicksonia antarcticaEuphorbphreak05-05-05  07:10 pm
Colorful Autumn fernGoswimmin04-27-05  08:55 pm
Autumn fern and friendsGoswimmin03-13-05  01:13 am
Autumn fernTerryk11-08-04  04:35 pm
I have a soft spot for this fern.Treelover11-05-04  09:53 pm
A couple of fernsGardenfiend11-05-04  09:37 pm
Some new fernsGalanthophile10-11-04  09:15 am
Ferns in my raised bedGalanthophile08-11-04  08:20 pm

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