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White FlySalty11-02-08  09:18 am
Deer and Rabbit repellantJak310-29-08  12:25 pm
Ants and Aphids, help!!!Abigailc197316 10-29-08  12:17 pm
Trumpet Vine dyingAunt_angela10-15-08  05:09 pm
Anybody know what this 'disease' is?Junglebug10-07-08  02:03 pm
Can anyone ID this caterpillar?Maggiepie10-05-08  02:28 pm
White fly Graffitti under Tropical hibiscus leaf!Snowboarder1208-04-08  04:56 pm
Does CA Have Any Japanese Beetles?Devon08-04-08  03:21 pm
Who is this visitor?Nanny5608-01-08  04:09 pm
Wasp problemKoiguy07-30-08  03:49 pm
Fighting Japanese Beetles with Neem OilHana07-19-08  11:35 pm
Red Lily BeetlesJak312 07-18-08  10:21 pm
Echinacea - What's causing this?Mixxie07-13-08  11:13 pm
Good or bad bug?Maggiepie07-13-08  03:23 pm
Viburnum Leaf BeetleCandyinpok07-10-08  04:05 am
What kind of fly is this?Milehigh07-03-08  10:48 am
Petunia PestMother_nature07-01-08  07:07 pm
Soft red bugs on my tomato plantsMary020106-26-08  12:30 pm
Another mystery insectMaggiepie06-04-08  10:52 am
Good or Bad?Maggiepie06-02-08  02:46 pm
Can anyone identify these insects for me?Peppa11 05-27-08  06:57 pm
What is this beetle eating my milkweed?Cindym05-25-08  01:18 am
Weed PhotosSunnyday2day05-18-08  11:49 pm
Hemerocallis Gall MidgeTony_willis05-12-08  05:57 pm
A real "bugger"Stephie05-10-08  11:45 pm
Is this scale?-picPinkdamsel12 05-01-08  05:26 pm
The Dreaded White Grubs...Jak304-22-08  01:02 pm
Friend or FoeLilybeetle04-14-08  06:00 pm
Unknown pest on Holly shrubsAzemerov04-11-08  01:44 pm
Mean old slugs.Apollyon16 04-09-08  01:01 am
WHAT'S Buggin YouThe_estate13 03-22-08  09:14 pm
Hard Scale Everywhere!!Duckwatcher03-10-08  06:32 pm
Red Alert...BUGS!!!!!Cricket03-02-08  01:43 pm
Tuber borersChicken03-02-08  03:26 am
I need a safe recipe for AphidsDuckwatcher03-02-08  03:22 am
Bugs!!! OH NO!!!Shasta12-09-07  07:52 pm
Any idea of the name?Malgorzata11 11-23-07  12:55 am
Pointers anyone on ladybugsPinkdamsel11-22-07  06:26 pm
Fungus on Tomato plant? Lew11-22-07  11:26 am
Mealybugs on plantsRhilo11-22-07  09:57 am
Please help identify problemPinkdamsel11-19-07  07:04 pm
Is my plant diseased?Pinkdamsel11-13-07  05:01 pm
Help - Found termites in a bed =(Rhilo11-09-07  03:08 am
I have killed every GARDENIA I've owned - HELP!!!Nickythebean17 10-21-07  10:24 am
Moss and lichen taking over...Costaricafinca10-21-07  07:18 am
"My" BugsDurgan10-17-07  07:57 pm
Worms on my HibiscusJim4963109-17-07  10:42 am
Help with name of bug pleaseCraftygardener09-13-07  11:31 pm
1 September 2007 Japanese Beetle on Grape VineDurgan09-03-07  11:11 pm
What is hurting my dogwoodErnief08-25-07  11:41 pm
Help my oenothera 'sunset boulevard' is dyingShmilygal08-02-07  03:37 pm
What's eating my red twig dogwood?Kasia07-28-07  09:38 pm
What could this be?Aepop207-25-07  10:13 pm
What's wrong with theseErnief07-16-07  08:46 pm
What is munching the roses?Craftygardener07-15-07  03:45 pm
MushroomsAshlella07-11-07  09:46 am
Flea BeetleDurgan07-06-07  10:39 pm
Rusty LeavesCameok06-30-07  10:59 pm
Dying leaves on Green BeansMarvie06-28-07  12:50 pm
Neem Oil worksJak310 06-28-07  03:15 am
Hollyhock Rust Cure?Durgan06-27-07  01:19 pm
Deer!Cahenry06-25-07  08:16 pm
Oh no! The dreaded lily beetle!Kniphofia06-23-07  12:49 pm
Need help identifying a problemPinkpetunia06-22-07  05:42 pm
Beetle or what?Eileen06-22-07  11:09 am
Yellow leaves on fig treeAzemerov06-21-07  01:37 pm
Somethings eating my CactusesGardenchild06-12-07  01:10 pm
Pest Control in NE FloridaSeattle71706-10-07  12:36 am
Mold of leaves of hydrangeaBlueherongirl706-09-07  01:03 pm
Help! Eating my pixie lilies!Marvie06-07-07  12:25 am
European Crane Fly Larvae Durgan06-03-07  10:03 pm
Aphids on carnations?(Help)Scotkat05-30-07  12:19 am
Fungus GnatsGolden_ca05-30-07  12:12 am
What is this bug -- and do I hate it?Allieok05-29-07  11:26 pm
Snakes!Sevenbooks05-26-07  04:18 pm
Disease ID on PassionflowerFritillary05-24-07  03:35 am
Pill BugsCajunbelle04-12-07  04:39 am
Canna ProblemMdangel7704-12-07  03:26 am
Brown beetles on plantsLidsbymelissa04-03-07  08:12 pm
Bombax ceiba woesShiari03-14-07  08:13 pm
Feeling sadScotkat03-11-07  08:49 am
Our poor Cactus...Alfieandmaria01-26-07  02:05 pm
Deer problems? Read this...Susanq11-19-06  10:58 pm
Red twig dogwood with white "fur" on stemsMary020110-23-06  12:53 pm
Acer With White On Leaves.Giraffeman10-16-06  04:39 am
New garden as litterboxDee_3310-05-06  05:22 pm
Annoying Snails/Slugs!Daylily09-23-06  12:17 pm
Black spot on many plantsKarigraphy08-02-06  03:14 am
Bunnies and woodchuckTerryk07-24-06  11:58 pm
Japanese beetlesCahenry07-24-06  09:57 am
Sevin application after a rainPinkpetunia07-23-06  11:39 pm
Friend or Foe?Fritillary07-23-06  11:38 pm
Can anyone id these bugs?Eastongardener07-23-06  11:18 pm
Munching on my melon flowersTomsmith07-13-06  07:27 pm
Stella cherry problemCjb07-03-06  10:25 am
CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!!!Lynn07-02-06  10:40 pm
White vaines on vine vegetables Pinkpetunia06-24-06  03:37 pm
Sevin application after a rainPinkpetunia06-24-06  02:37 pm
Spidermites???Lyla06-20-06  06:27 pm
I have sick plants..need help! *PICS*Davega36606-14-06  11:11 pm
Sick Echinops Ritro -Stevem06-14-06  09:13 pm
Pest: Oriental Limelight ArtemisiaAnother_spring06-12-06  10:51 am
How to keep Weeds out of Sandbox???Sunnymomma305-24-06  04:46 pm
Beware of Oak Leaf Gall Mites!Mokieebears05-18-06  12:48 am
Cedar Apple RustAndy_p05-17-06  10:14 pm
Can anyone ID this caterpillar?Verdant0green04-16-06  07:15 am
Hibiscus and his little green friendsNoah04-16-06  02:46 am
I have sorrel everywhere. Cpryor04-05-06  09:49 am
Help help help!!Monique20 03-28-06  03:22 pm
Campanula takesimaMichelelee02-09-06  02:01 pm
Witty bitty fliesValia01-21-06  12:49 pm
Green into yellow?Sunflower10-11-05  07:22 pm
Green guysGardenbug09-27-05  10:43 am
BUGS IN SOIL!!! Unwelcome bugs.Marc09-26-05  05:52 am
Sparrows vs Japanese BeetlesSunflwr114 08-19-05  08:45 pm
Aloe buds dropping offAloes08-14-05  03:46 pm
Blueberry bluesLynn08-09-05  02:15 am
Brown spots on my HydrangeaSunflower08-09-05  12:50 am
BUGS - Help!??!?!?Msgreeneyes07-15-05  08:37 pm
Is this a problem?Mdangel7707-03-05  03:15 pm
Oh please help.Monique06-27-05  09:39 am
Pest or dead?Bizeebee06-27-05  05:39 am
Lilac re-budding?Lynne_kelly06-26-05  01:29 am
Purple lilac help pleaseGardenpixie06-21-05  12:56 pm
Yuck!!!!Wemons06-21-05  05:08 am
Why does this happen?Lynne_kelly06-21-05  02:29 am
Beetles eating clematisDon06-18-05  01:06 am
Tiny fliesSunflower06-18-05  12:57 am
Brown spots on my gingkoLynne_kelly06-17-05  02:47 am
Why does this hydrangea look like this?Plantynut06-08-05  03:17 am
Growth on CameliaDeedalee06-05-05  11:44 am
Leucothoe diseaseJean06-03-05  04:06 pm
This must be my worst ...Plantynut05-09-05  08:40 pm
Fungus on KalanchoeWgirl04-29-05  01:51 pm
Pests on hibiscusPearlandgardner03-22-05  01:47 pm
Mahonia Japonica LeavesGiraffeman03-13-05  08:48 pm
Squirrel menaceJean02-25-05  07:59 pm
Helpful recipes for problemsKniceone12-01-04  09:54 pm
Lost my japanese painted fernGoswimmin07-07-04  10:17 pm
New Zealand flat worm Polly_poppy07-07-04  03:18 pm
Solomon's Seal sawflyGalanthophile07-07-04  11:52 am
What's going on?Gardenbug06-24-04  10:46 pm
What's this on my trees?Plantynut06-22-04  10:20 am
Found on some of my roses?Monique06-22-04  10:13 am
SLug TrapsGardenshowlady06-13-04  10:42 pm
Rust type spots on Grape vineCena05-10-04  02:04 pm
Who is this?Gardenshowlady04-27-04  04:48 pm
Help DessparateScotkat03-02-04  10:40 pm
Re: Sprayers - any other ideas?Katie01-19-04  03:44 pm
Sick soil?Eve12-13-03  02:12 pm
Glads and ThripsDahlianut09-09-03  03:47 pm
Neem?Goswimmin08-23-03  06:11 am
Will they killBloomorselse08-02-03  10:03 pm
For EJ on his BirthdayJak307-24-03  12:09 pm
Am I a bad guy??Blooming07-24-03  12:14 am
TerribleKeets06-28-03  09:30 am
What is eating my lamium? Plus clematis leaves. HELP!Karalyn06-26-03  02:15 pm
What is doing this???Ruthny06-26-03  01:11 pm
Centaurea macrocephala--Globe Centaurea - GRUBS!Deusex06-26-03  09:02 am
Attack of the giant aphids!Jak306-13-03  03:15 pm
Aquilegia (columbine)Gardenbug06-11-03  05:47 am

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