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Any mycologists out there?Hellenophile12-13-08  04:58 pm
Calathae?Costaricafinca12-10-08  04:52 pm
Orange flowering plant sold at WalMart.Wannabe12-10-08  05:05 am
New to house plants - have 4 unknown plantsPhilopator12-09-08  10:56 pm
3 House plants I urgently need identifiedDowneyjones12-09-08  10:53 pm
Unidentified FernRupshaw081311-30-08  01:22 pm
Please help identify this succulentRupshaw081311-30-08  01:16 pm
Is this Cornus mas?Terryk17 11-26-08  12:59 pm
What is this?Saschroer11-25-08  12:54 pm
Unidentified plantNoraida11-25-08  11:58 am
Plant Id?Stanwillis11-24-08  08:05 am
New to HebeMilin11-21-08  10:17 am
Name of my jasmin,please!Senzza711-20-08  09:06 pm
Need help identifying!Paddyfield11-20-08  12:50 pm
What is this?Dthief11-18-08  06:19 pm
Easy One!Mikelle_w11-08-08  02:58 pm
IDPlant11 11-07-08  11:40 am
No IdeaXimaginationx11-05-08  11:12 pm
Tree ident. please.Mitchelliii11-05-08  03:16 pm
A hoseplantMilin11-04-08  04:27 am
Mystery Plant-- Possibly Desert or Tropical? Beb8811-04-08  12:24 am
Mystery PlantZuni11-03-08  11:39 pm
Pinecone-shaped plant pod in flower potPodpeople11-02-08  10:26 pm
Please identify this jagged-edged big leaf plantTwclayers10-31-08  01:19 am
Ornamental fruitMilin10-30-08  04:39 pm
My Neighbors Mystery PotsSeil10-30-08  02:32 pm
Another id please?Teahead10-29-08  07:30 pm
Floss like plantCostaricafinca10-29-08  01:49 pm
What is it???Rsergeantorchids10-28-08  11:29 am
Please indentifyRhondabina10-27-08  12:45 pm
Please help; what is this red plant?Saschroer10-25-08  09:37 pm
Please help me identify.....John5710-24-08  03:47 pm
What is this bush?Saschroer10-24-08  07:39 am
What is the name of this plant?Sadge10-24-08  07:31 am
Id please? Teahead10-22-08  03:54 pm
Identify this plantCtnck10-22-08  11:14 am
Please identify this plant for meDliz15 10-20-08  09:39 pm
Red Stalks, green leaves, and dark purple berriesGardengnome10-20-08  05:47 pm
Help posting picturesPavelich10-19-08  04:00 pm
Roommate's HouseplantStermaj10-12-08  06:35 pm
Can anyone identify this little cutie?Kalidaviraga10-12-08  12:34 am
I like this plant and want to buy more, HelpRrglandorf10-11-08  01:30 am
Need help with houseplantEc2210-10-08  07:05 pm
Small white flowers.Mon10-09-08  02:14 pm
Asian Market Mystery PlantLonggrainrice11 10-08-08  03:59 pm
Pepper plant?Costaricafinca10-07-08  06:58 pm
A new houseplantSneaksiefeet10-07-08  07:05 am
Pink flowers amongst stonesMon10-06-08  05:54 pm
Orange cone of small flowers w/broad leaves?Jcomley10-06-08  02:00 pm
Lavendar flowers, what are they?Annab10-06-08  01:29 pm
Orange Spherical Flower - what is this?Blbrady10-06-08  12:04 pm
Help! I dont know what this is.Teamster11510-06-08  07:44 am
Looking for Vicky_PollardCmmwiebe10-05-08  02:56 am
What is this hedge?Potrero10-04-08  07:34 am
PLEASE HELP! What Type of Tree is this?Brioli10-04-08  06:30 am
Identify this Shrub?Lostcoast10-02-08  06:04 am
Need to know what this plant isJenkna20 10-01-08  09:25 pm
One down, one still unknownStormdancer10-01-08  04:10 pm
Just a weed...Bliorg09-29-08  11:57 pm
Need help identifying this plantFlory15 09-28-08  12:46 pm
Two "Weeds"...what are we?Stormdancer09-26-08  01:21 pm
Here's the picSusan_h09-26-08  04:44 am
Can anyone tell me what type of plant this is?Susan_h09-26-08  01:46 am
Help with this plantLemonnlime09-26-08  01:45 am
Anyone know this one?Tamster0209-21-08  05:59 pm
Yellow perennialPerennial_lady09-21-08  03:56 pm
A gift from someoneCostaricafinca09-21-08  11:05 am
Unusual leaf shapeCostaricafinca10 09-20-08  01:59 pm
Scindapsus?Hankeat09-20-08  10:44 am
Mystery flowerDubi09-18-08  10:37 pm
Oh no, purple basil needs ID!Costaricafinca09-18-08  06:57 pm
Please Help IDMbeatriz09-18-08  05:13 pm
Name this plant? Goodchia09-16-08  09:09 pm
Help identify this plantLucidmez16 09-15-08  07:56 pm
Unusual dual color, growing 'wild' on my deckMarkentx09-15-08  09:53 am
No clue what this plant isCrashman2k09-14-08  11:29 pm
Flowering Hollow stem bushWabbit09-14-08  05:03 pm
What is this plant? Central, OhJpaull09-14-08  09:34 am
What do I have???Aharnitz09-14-08  07:07 am
A fernMilin09-11-08  10:57 pm
Confused about Ivy....Sheilak09-11-08  05:01 pm
Red-yellow mystery plant to IDSammyjo09-11-08  04:00 pm
Gift from my Neighbor..Gudseeds19 09-09-08  08:59 pm
New HomeRyback09-07-08  08:35 pm
Two plants to ID!Saryn09-07-08  08:47 am
Yellow flower weedMon09-06-08  08:11 am
Purple blooms, again!Costaricafinca09-05-08  10:36 am
Another purple bloomer...Costaricafinca09-04-08  11:08 am
Better pictures of my "mystery vine" Cecebugg09-03-08  02:02 pm
ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS TREE IS????Black_thum09-03-08  11:36 am
A few more tropicals to ID ;)Treelover09-01-08  11:32 pm
Please help me with this plant.Fsmarine09-01-08  08:18 pm
What is it?Carmina09-01-08  08:36 am
What is this shrub?Treelover08-31-08  10:35 am
Please identify this plant for me!Keitheva08-31-08  07:40 am
Blue flower weedMon08-30-08  02:14 pm
Orange type fruitMon08-30-08  04:29 am
Can you help with this?Blinky08-30-08  02:15 am
Weed or not?Costaricafinca08-28-08  07:06 pm
Any ideas?Moniquenac08-28-08  10:30 am
I would LOVE to know what this is!Denacvb08-28-08  06:59 am
Identify this plantJrslennon08-27-08  09:06 pm
Pleas id this plant Flaxss08-27-08  03:23 pm
This just popped upTamster0208-27-08  10:15 am
Epimedium IDFlowerfan208-26-08  05:08 pm
Need a couple more identified please :)Flowerfreak12 08-26-08  05:06 pm
Big Beautiful Flower Blooming Now - What is it?Greengypsy08-26-08  04:14 am
ID's of Costus wanted?Costaricafinca08-25-08  06:12 pm
An ID for a fern?Treelover08-25-08  11:01 am
Some kind of mint?Kelly00108-24-08  05:21 pm
Some kind of vineElizabethm08-24-08  04:03 am
What is this perennial?Mixxie08-24-08  03:33 am
What is this plant?Brighteyes08-24-08  02:19 am
Some tropicals to IDTreelover11 08-23-08  12:41 pm
My "Palm tree"Toshiro08-22-08  08:46 pm
Hiscus?Costaricafinca08-22-08  08:35 pm
Plant ID neededGooseberry08-21-08  10:13 pm
Mistery mislabeled perennialZephirine08-19-08  12:40 pm
Small Potted BushesCt~buck11 08-18-08  02:47 am
A woody vine with 12" bean pods?Cecebugg08-15-08  02:42 pm
I need help with identifing this vineWater08-13-08  10:43 am
Yellow Tube Like flowers.... ????Melflower08-11-08  12:52 pm
Big leaf monsterSeediesadie08-11-08  11:41 am
What is this?Dvl08-11-08  11:05 am
I am guessing a weedPlantynut10 08-11-08  07:02 am
What in the world is this?Roseann08-09-08  11:07 am
Woodland vine?Koolaid17 08-08-08  04:13 pm
What is this? Love77708-08-08  03:35 pm
Please identifyFlowerfreak08-08-08  12:33 pm
Need to identify this plant?Tigermassicot08-07-08  07:06 am
What weed is this?Mikeman941208-06-08  04:20 pm
What plant is this?Mikeman941208-05-08  07:38 pm
Weed/Shrub Komebeaux08-04-08  09:45 am
Beginner needs some help!Empumpkin22 08-03-08  08:24 pm
Two of theseSemesterke08-03-08  02:32 pm
I don't know what's growing in my flower bed.....Tigermassicot08-02-08  03:45 pm
2 Baltimore mysteries (photos)Sweasel08-01-08  02:30 am
Can you identify this plant?Knoonan07-31-08  09:38 pm
Need to identify this plant?Tigermassicot07-30-08  05:38 pm
Need to identify this plant?Tigermassicot07-30-08  04:37 pm
What weed is this?Mikeman941207-29-08  11:55 pm
What could this be?Plantynut07-29-08  06:54 pm
Is this a weed?Masonmags07-29-08  04:29 pm
Whay type of thistle is this ?Perennial_lady07-29-08  02:14 pm
BEAUTIFUL AND INVASIVESramsey07-28-08  08:58 pm
New home plant discoveryPetefro07-28-08  02:54 pm
Can you name this plant?Otnorot07-28-08  08:43 am
KohleriasMilin07-27-08  11:34 pm
Don't think this is a privet. maybe lilac?Ailexq17 07-27-08  12:01 pm
Tree/shrub?Otnorot07-25-08  01:47 pm
Just another wayward soul, seeking identification!Rish14 07-24-08  10:21 pm
Help me ID these vinesKhabbab07-24-08  03:19 pm
Help id this plant Plant_boy07-23-08  10:38 am
Pokeberry? I don't think soWvanderlaan07-23-08  02:17 am
No luck identifying this plant with bloomsPvsdetailing12 07-19-08  03:04 pm
Another one for youOddity07-19-08  02:05 pm
Please identify this plantFlory07-19-08  03:36 am
Please Help my unamed plantAnsonsmomma07-17-08  02:40 pm
I lost the tag that came with this plant...Craftylildevil07-17-08  11:48 am
Unknown garden plantAudiobuff207-16-08  07:39 am
Any ideas?Mincus07-16-08  05:17 am
A gift...Gregorson07-14-08  06:57 pm
Lost the Marker....Help with ID PleaseSheila2u07-14-08  06:48 pm
What is it?Mefleck07-14-08  12:49 pm
Unknown succulentBrent7807-14-08  03:05 am
Unknown plantUrsula07-13-08  08:13 am
What are the names of my plants?!Wdwire07-10-08  09:17 pm
Need help identifying this plantBblamour07-10-08  01:52 am
Sure not what I was toldSemesterke07-09-08  04:53 pm
"Native shrub" of the tropicsCostaricafinca07-09-08  04:06 pm
Any ideas what this may be?Ourhomeschool15 07-09-08  10:26 am
Unknown flower (reddish orange cluster)Jdmeissner07-08-08  03:38 pm
Green leaves turn purple - houseplant?Wigdahl07-08-08  02:47 pm
Invasive species or not?Alexa07107-08-08  04:05 am
Don't know the name..Mrs_perfection07-08-08  04:04 am
Sorry (3rd attempt) to get this rightJdmeissner07-08-08  02:44 am
Unknown little red flower clusterJdmeissner07-08-08  12:21 am
Unknown red flower cluster - please identify plantJdmeissner07-07-08  08:17 pm
One more....Tamster0207-07-08  12:32 pm
Help id these cactusPlant_boy07-05-08  09:43 pm
Anyone know what this plant is please?Moniquenac07-04-08  12:55 pm
Please identify landscaper planted shrubLaruep11 07-02-08  07:58 pm
Purple leaves - what is it?Anniesgrannie07-02-08  02:55 pm
It came with the house --- what is it?Tndigger10 07-02-08  01:53 pm
Help id this rosePlant_boy07-02-08  12:46 pm
Can you identify this berried bush? Junglebug07-02-08  01:39 am
Can anyone identify this plant and is it edible?Jadeth07-01-08  04:48 pm
Please help me ID this Flowering plantSweet_alyssum07-01-08  12:27 pm
Please help identify this plantJefflob06-30-08  05:47 pm
Another shrub to identifyTamster0206-30-08  01:17 pm
Any ideasTupperlf14 06-29-08  10:38 am
StowawayTamster0206-29-08  09:54 am
Bush identity?Bluethumb06-29-08  02:20 am
Can anyone identify this small tree?Bluethumb06-28-08  06:54 am
Identify these two plants?Toxicware06-28-08  06:46 am
A mystery shrubTamster0206-27-08  10:04 pm
It's a puzzlement to me!Tamster0212 06-27-08  05:43 pm
Is this a black walnut tree?Tamster0206-27-08  05:32 pm
What is this tree?Carwiz06-27-08  01:02 pm
Identify this bush, please.Carwiz06-27-08  03:50 am
Pretty In PinkLifeslittleedge06-26-08  12:41 am
Purple PuzzleYasmeenjohl10 06-25-08  06:45 pm
Purple Tree Aeolium ?Dipperdave06-25-08  03:30 pm
Unknown plant..weed?Inthegarden06-24-08  10:36 pm
Variegated foliage with yellow flowerChevere3306-24-08  04:43 pm
Clematis?Jaybone06-24-08  04:02 pm
Explosive growth - no idea what it isJaybone06-22-08  06:01 pm
Another unknown plantLhodges06-21-08  03:39 pm
Looks like a huge strawberry plantRicmos06-21-08  03:37 pm
Verbana Genus species?Mrmunk06-19-08  01:35 pm
Is this Virgina Creeper?Lhodges06-19-08  10:57 am
What are these?Lhodges06-18-08  11:57 pm
Large Leafy Plant in Compost binRebecky8006-18-08  09:36 pm
What can this be?Plantynut06-18-08  06:42 pm
Tree in the tropicsCostaricafinca06-18-08  05:28 am
Help with a treeLhodges06-18-08  03:08 am
Yoda's mystery plantYodacroz06-17-08  11:45 pm
Purple flowersJunglebug06-17-08  02:24 pm
Is this capers?Craigstar11 06-17-08  02:21 pm
Please helpCharlie06-17-08  01:59 pm
Need help with flower bed in new houseWattsfamily200406-17-08  02:35 am
Unknown cacti helpBrent7806-15-08  12:31 pm
Plant identificationFlory06-15-08  11:23 am
What is this purple guy with yellow spot?Snowboarder2106-15-08  09:48 am
Curiouser and curiouser...Lollygirl06-14-08  10:22 pm
Sudsing plant????The6severs06-13-08  09:18 pm
Weed or good vine?Costaricafinca06-13-08  10:56 am
I can't believe I have so many questions..Plantynut16 06-13-08  10:39 am
Anyone familiar with types of moss?Northgoingzax10 06-11-08  04:11 pm
Healthy office plant needs identificationShuebydoo06-10-08  09:39 am
I'm All Mixed UpPlantynut06-08-08  11:48 pm
A NC Mountain flowering bush/treeStormdancer06-08-08  07:53 pm
What is this plantBrewster6406-08-08  03:27 pm
Mystery tree/shrub/bush identification pleaseCraftygardener06-08-08  01:45 pm
Can anyone id this plant?Marigene06-06-08  01:48 pm
Help - plant with three-fold palmate leaves...?Rosetremier06-04-08  08:37 pm
Plant growing in my parents gardenDbirkett06-04-08  05:24 pm
Help with IDOddity06-04-08  10:21 am
I have another.....Snbuckeye06-04-08  09:41 am
This plant is?Draw406-03-08  03:48 pm
What is this little fellow?Snowboarder1206-02-08  07:07 pm
Mystery geraniumEltel06-02-08  08:23 am
Large Leafed PlantJobayne06-01-08  04:54 am
ID this plant Plant_boy05-31-08  04:17 pm
Probably some kind of Weigela FloridaCharlenenj05-31-08  05:41 am
A little help?Rainbowrick12 05-31-08  04:44 am
Unknown plant with large green leavesLesleyh105-30-08  11:40 pm
Help id these roses Plant_boy05-30-08  11:27 pm
Mystery climber with red flowersNataliem05-30-08  08:31 pm

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