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Date plum - diospyros lotus

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Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2006 - 03:55 pm EST :   Last Buddysize PhotosCopy highlighted text to new message Print Post

I have a tree in my garden but most years the fruit drops off before they get to good size and maturity (because our summers are not long or hot enough). This year we had one of THOSE record Summers (global warming ?) and the tree was covered in fruit. I picked a load and gave a bowl full my aged neighbour (she just adores cooking and making jams etc..). Before I left she tried one of the fruits and thought it was quite tasty. I also tried one but thought it a little bitter). This morning she returned my bowl and said that half an hour after eating the fruit her mouth dried up and she went on to be violent ill. I had eaten a fruit at the same time but had no ill effects. We concluded it must be an allergic reaction (some people are not being able to eat nits and Kiwi fruit and the like) But I've not heard of it about this fruit. Does anyone know if they can cause an allergic reaction. Oh BTW, the good news is she has promised not to sue (LOL).

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