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Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2007 - 04:35 pm EST :   Last Buddysize PhotosCopy highlighted text to new message Print Post

I am growing Chinese Toon whose shoots and leaves (at any age) can be used in stir-fries--delicious. Also, Dead Man's Fingers (I'll leave you to look that one up) has big metallic pods with a sweet goo in them, Kentucky Coffee Tree that, with proper cooking, beans taste like caramel and sorta like coffee (beware: seeds can be toxic if not roasted properly), Raisin Tree (yeah, they drop already dried fruit that is delicious), Jujube Tree, plus an assortment of fruit trees that are relatively hardy that we otherwise think as tropical (ie) pomegrante, persimmons, bitter orange, passionfruits, paw paw and cactus.
Okay, Dead Man's Fingers is decaisnea fargesii,and requires a bit of fussing over to get seeds to germinate.
I use saltpeter @ 1/2 tsp per litre of water, sometime GA-3 acid to help germinate stubborn seeds.
Anyway, I love differnt trees, growing in my Zone 8--are there anymore out there that sound interesting (and fast growing since I'm too old to wait too long)?

Stephie - B.C., Zone "8"

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