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Determining Tomato Types for 2008

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Posted on Monday, November 26, 2007 - 10:26 pm EST :   Last Buddysize PhotosCopy highlighted text to new message Print Post

This was my 2006 effort. In 2007 I was away in August so did not get any good pictures. But I grew several of the types grown in 2006.
Close-up photographs of the tomatoes in my garden. The pictures are complete with name in the lower left of the larger image. A few varieties I grew are not shown, since they have not ripened. All types are indeterminate and are for table use.

This year so far for 2008 seed I have selected:

Better Boy- A good standby.
Lemon Boy- Yellow Prolific and almost all perfect.
Japanese Monataro- Late and perfect shape.
Black Prince-Wonderful flavour Probably our favourite.
Pink Girl - Good stand-by.
Manitoba- Good producer. Bush Type Early.
Russian Krim- purple similar to Black Prince Favourite.
Husky Red- Nice to have, little smaller than others.
Burpee Big boy- A nice tomato.
Hungarian Heart- large meaty tomato, prolific with few seeds. Not shown
Sweet Million- one plant my favourite small tomato. Cherokee Purple.
I have added the Cherokee Purple tomato to the list. The one plant has about 23 large tomatoes all about the same size. Some split due to a day of rain then hot sun the next day. The tomatoes are of good flavour and texture.

Two plants of each are planted. This year (2008)I have space for about 28 plants.

I am interested if posters have good experience with other types. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

The seeds will be started indoors about the end of February 2008. Pictures of my support system for Tomato plants.

Durgan - Ontario, Zone "5B"

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