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    Default 'Natascha', 'Natacha', 'Natasha'

    Practically the same name, but three different clematis. 'Natasha' is found on the web-catalogue of the Guernsey Clematis. In my opinion that big company could use a different name compared to the earlier 'Natacha' and 'Natascha'.

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    I had Natacha for about 2 years and it fizzled... I was so disappointed. The names were a nuisance I must say, even when only two plants were involved.

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    I agree with both of you. I was forever running back to my list to check which "Nata..?" hybrid I had. After a few years of declining performance it didn't matter as it didn't bother to show up one spring.

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    All 3 names have been confused. The accepted name is 'Natascha' (it was raised by Westphal about 1984). Despite Cedergren raising 'Natacha' in 1985, valid publication of the name has not been found, and so Westphal's 'Natascha' was selected as the accepted name in the Clematis Register and Checklist 2002. 'Natasha' is a misspelling of 'Natascha' and must not be used. It is not clear whether 'Natacha' still exists - if it does it should be renamed.

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    That photo of Natacha is very beautiful. Since it doesn't seem to be available and doesn't do well, is there a doppelganger somewhere?

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    You're lucky. In the rose world they just use the same name over and over for different roses! Kordes does this a lot.



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