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    Default actually situation in wintertime

    Sorry, so long time I didnt wrote, I had a lot to do past year.
    Just now Im back and can show two videos about the actually situation in the north of this country.
    If there is some interests -please have a look to this (next month more):

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    These videos are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Marilou, so good to see your helleborusgarden - I have enjoyed your gardentour! Now have to go outside (abt. -7 C and everything still covered with snow like your garden)- Some days ago my first helleborus showed his flowers in the snow!

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    thank you very much for the videos.That was a nice surprise near using my breakfast. If no idea how it is near me for I have not been en long time in the garden

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    another one surprise for your breafast:

    That are some of the wild hellebores in my garden.

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    Can't wait for an update when they bloom! Love your cat. What's its name?

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    This is only one of two twin-cats: Tamy and Speedy. I mean it is Speedy, the "protectionist". She is more wild, her sister more house-cat.
    I will make the next movie when well have sun here. This moment it is really dark.
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    Now it is after my rest. Thank you very much . Drinking my nooncoffee . Thanks showing your nice plants and nowIi thought I will have a look to my plants. €‹t is warm to-day 2C. Was misty and now grey again

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    my two "protectionist" enjoy the spun fabric, one on top the other under.
    Love seeing H. thibetanus. Looks like things are ready to begin? Spring!

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    Yes - Spring!
    Today and tonight it was frozen. But the next few days it should be much more warmer.

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    again another one in February:
    Enjoy it

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    Your plants are just lovely! Love the format.


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