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    My dark ones are gone this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roelie View Post
    My dark ones are gone this year

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    Beautiful plants, Bruce!
    Many hellebore colors are really difficult to photograph. I am so often disappointed with my pictures where color is concerned. Not sure who is right,- the camera or my eyes? And then of course there is the time of the day and the differences of light composition that has an influence on the colors.
    This one for instance I thought I would post, as it is the closest to red that I have and a really nice plant. To my eyes the flowers have a very rich uniform color that really looks different from all the pinks. Yet,- see below,- the color looks neither red nor rich in the picture.


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    Perhaps not the color you wanted but I think it a very nice color

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    Beautiful color!

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    Thank you to you both! I am actually really happy with this plant,- especially since it is a chance seedling that I simply left in place because there was space. But just to compare,- it looks quite different in sunlight:


    But again,- in this picture it looks dark pink, which is not what I see when I look at it.

    Bruce,- I love the croaticus(es) in the first two pictures you posted of them. That metallic-blue shine is beautiful! None of mine has that kind of color. They all have pastel colors.


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